Mark Pieloch Gives $1.5 Million for Homeless Pets

As a leading entrepreneur in the pet pharmaceuticals field, Mark Pieloch has a deep and abiding interest in the welfare of companion animals. His companies produce tasty and nutritious supplements designed to enhance the health of horses, dogs and cats. Pieloch recently made a substantial financial contribution of $1.5 million to the Capital Humane Society to help this nonprofit organization provide an additional shelter for homeless animals in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area.

Pieloch’s gift was used to construct the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center. This new shelter is located in the southeastern part of Lincoln just off Nebraska Highway 2. Comprising 15,000 square feet of additional space for the Capital Humane Society, the new shelter was completed in 2013 and provides living space for homeless dogs, cats, lizards, hamsters and birds in a highly visible location. With thousands of pets picked up by the Humane Society or surrendered by their owners each year, the new shelter will provide added hope for the cats, dogs and other animals that pass through the Capital Humane Society’s doors on an annual basis.

Mark Pieloch’s role as a leading entrepreneur in the pet pharmaceuticals field makes this charitable action a natural choice. His companies routinely provide animal-care organizations with supplements and medications to protect the health and well being of the animals under their care. In this way, Pieloch and his pharmaceutical companies can give back to the companion pets who allow these business enterprises to survive and thrive even in tough economic times.