Giving Back to Better the Lives of People and Animals

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Mark Pieloch knew that whatever he did had to make the world a better place. He loved animals and decided to tackle the problem of giving dogs, cats and horses medicine. Forcing medications down a pet’s throat was not a positive way to reinforce the strength of the human-animal bond. Now, Pieloch is the head of a firm that develops and manufactures appealing flavors that are added to animal medications. Companion animals readily take the medications without force, making it easier on both pets and their humans. He doesn’t stop there, however. He also supports several nonprofit organizations that help animals and build strong communities.

The Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, Nebraska, has been serving the community since 1902. Director Robert Downey faced a challenge as more animals came to the shelter but few found forever homes. The facility was too small to accommodate the numbers of animals coming in and it was too far away from high-traffic areas where people congregated. Building a modern facility in a high-traffic area seemed like the answer, but funding such a project didn’t seem possible. That is, until Pieloch heard of the project. In 2011, Mark donated $1.5 million to the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, Nebraska. As Robert Downey exclaimed, “This means everything.” On July 2, 2013, the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center opened its doors. Located in an area that has high-volume traffic, Downey anticipates an increase of adoptions of 10 percent. Because of Pieloch’s generous donation, more animals have a chance at finding loving homes.

Pieloch continued helping animals after moving his business to Florida. In the spring of 2013, destructive winds hit the Central Florida Animal Reserve (CFAR). At this big cat sanctuary, the refrigeration system and other necessary units used to care for and house the animals were badly damaged. With repair projections far exceeding their budget, CFAR President Thomas Blue and the staff of volunteers were at a loss. As soon as Pieloch heard about the damage, he contacted Blue. Pieloch was impressed with Blue and the importance of the work he and the volunteers were doing. He gave the CFAR a $12,000 check. The CFAR repaired the damage and is now in the process of moving to a larger facility where the animals will have more room.

People are important to him as well. In 2009, he gave $25,000 to the Syracuse Foundation toward the construction of the Syracuse Sports Complex in Nebraska. Pieloch sponsors the Western and Hunt Seat Horsemanship Equitation Team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with financial support and his company’s supplement products. He also actively donates to local and national organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Girl Scouts, American Diabetes Association and Community Safety Net.

The generous donations from Mark Pieloch have made life better for countless animals and humans. Both the CFAR and Capital Humane Society have survived and thrived because he exhibited a willingness to help when they most needed it. Giving back to the community and making life better for animals has always been his passion. Because of Pieloch, vital animal welfare work goes on.