Mark Pieloch: Helping Big Cats at the Central Florida Animal Reserve

Mark Pieloch’s $12,000 donation to the Central Florida Animal Reserve allowed much-needed repairs after high winds damaged the refrigeration system and dismantled part of the shelters for big cats living in the reserve.

Pieloch is the owner of PSPC Inc., a firm that manufactures and distributes medications and nutritional supplements for companion animals, including dogs, cats and horses. When Pieloch heard about the plight of the big cats at the Central Florida Animal Reserve, he contacted Dr. Thomas Blue to find out how he could help. The $12,000 donation covered all necessary repairs to restore functionality after the storm.

More than 45 big cats have found a home at the Central Florida Animal Reserve. Many of these cats were rescued from unsuitable living conditions, were surrendered by unprepared owners or were born on the premises of the reserve to animals already there. Cougars, leopards, tigers and lions are among the residents of the reserve and enjoy the best possible care from Blue and his staff of volunteers. The Central Florida Animal Reserve and the big cats under its care will be moving in the next two years to a new facility better suited to the needs of these beautiful animals.

Mark Pieloch’s commitment to pets and animals of all types has motivated his generosity toward the Central Florida Animal Reserve and other animal-care organizations. His efforts have improved the lot of homeless cats, dogs and other companion animals in Florida, Nebraska and other areas around the United States.