Mark Pieloch Sponsors UNL Western Horsemanship Equestrian Team

As a sponsor of the Western and Hunt Seat Horsemanship Equitation Team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Mark Pieloch has provided Phycox products and financial support for the team’s activities and competitions. Prospective members are required to try out to earn their place on the team and must comply with IHSA rules throughout their participation. Team members must attend weekly practices, pay dues and participate in fundraisers. These fundraisers help pay for ongoing expenses that include buses to and from competitions, team jerseys and entry fees. Exhibitions and performances can also provide added funds to support team activities.

At UNL, riders can compete in six divisions that correspond to their level of achievement in the equestrian arts. Beginners can compete against others at their own level, and advanced riders can take on more difficult challenges as their skill improves. Hunt Seat competitors are classified into eight divisions; they also compete against others with similar skill levels and abilities.

Members of the UNL Western and Hunt Seat Horsemanship teams ride university-owned horses during all practices and competitions. Riders are ranked and earn points according to their performance at shows and competitive events throughout the year. Team members who obtain 36 points during the course of competitions move up to the next division and are qualified to compete in Regionals. The top two performers in the Regionals compete in Zones. Finally, the top two riders in the Zones move up to compete at the Nationals. The UNL team depends on the help of sponsors like Mark Pieloch to support their activities throughout the year.